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Features: Steve's Escort MK2


"I bought the car for £400 when I was 16 (in 1988) even though I couldn't drive it. I went on to learn to drive and even passed my driving test in it, first time. It was in a sad state back then, it was a standard white 1100cc with drum brakes all round, no modifications, rusty bits everywhere and only half an exhaust system."
"Since then nearly all my spare cash was spent on it, initially just on the repair costs to keep it on the road, I wasn't on a very high wage then and so I started doing repairs myself and had to learn how as I went along."
"I am the 5th owner of the car and I plan on being it's last. I have no intention of ever selling to anyone else. I actually had the entire history traced from the DVLA last year and even took the car back to meet its original owner from back in 1976."
"During the summer of 2002 I have installed a 1600cc engine that I acquired from a very rusty Ghia I picked up for spares. I have had a full re-spray to all white, as it was originally, and I have replaced the steel Ghia wheels with a decent set of RS alloys. The Mexico style spoiler was added and I have also spent a great deal of time making the interior look decent too."

Pics and details courtesy Steve John





Ford Escort RS & Mexico 1970-1979 Limited Edition

Ford Escort Rally Preparation