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Dayna Jury

New Zealand, Escort mk1, 1968, SR20det turbo engine

Sump mods

Engine bay mods

Well, my thing with escorts started back when I was 15, got my Drivers license and needed a car that would carry my guitar equipment, I found a Escort mk1 1974 panelvan equipped with a 12a Rotary engine in it, (yuk). So the engine was quickly discarded and my dad put in a 4age Toyota 1600 twin cam, injected motor.

I didn’t know much about cars then, but I started to learn. The body of the van was always giving us trouble with the previous bog job done, so it had a few repaints, rust coming through. After 4 years of owning it, making it handle better, lowering it, it had to go, being to much of a nusience, having little troubles here and there. So it was sold.

So my next few cars were a mini, some jappas etc, I thought my escort days were over, I always wanted to do one up, but it faded.

Then one day out of the blue, I wanted a escort again. I knew I wanted to do one up.

So I looked around, and found a 2 litre powered mk1 escort in the paper, rang the owner, and found that he had broken an axle from a small kirb accident the night before. So the final price was settled ($1200) and I went 2.5 hours drive away and trailored this car back home. I replaced the whole diff, and was away driving. It went well, but needed a good tidy up. I put some low-profile tyres and mags on. Brought my old panel-van back!, took the suspension out of it, hoping to fit it to my recently purchased mk1.

One night, it was raining, and I was about to show my friend how well the car went. Took a corner (doing 50km/h, literally just touched the accelerator and the car slid out, and hit a kirb, bending the front arm badly. Do not buy 215/50/13 tyres, they are USELESS at gripping!

Trailored it home, fixed it, and planned for the engine to be redone, took it out, then all trouble broke loose! or should I say my wallet.

After enquiring around, I found an sr20det nissan 2 litre turbo engine for sale, bit of barganing later, and it was mine, 2500 dollars, with gearbox and wiring loom, no computer.

My brothers friend (Neil) was going to put the engine in for me. So by the time he picked it up, I had the car fully stripped, and was starting at bare metalling the body, back to its bare metal. The car was in real good nick, being over 30 years old! (1968)

The engine was put in, then I started to think, and I wanted a hell road car, something special. shortened falcon diff, with a 3.23 gear ratio, LSD, sierra disc brakes, nissan calipers, to be fitted to the rear by 4-bar link rear end setup, my goal was to have the whole ride height fully adjustable, so all 4 corners have adjustable platforms, coil over shocks. New bilsteins in the front. And 4-pot calipers with vented discs to stop the car. Pedal-box assembly for hydrolic clutch and better braking, remote booster in the front guard, for clean install. deloomed engine bay, Roll cage, recaro seats, styled interior. Autometer guages (9 of them!)

I wasn't gonna let money stop me, if I wanted a part, I will save and get it! Do everything right the first time. and proper.

Purchased a Haltech e6s computer for ultimate control over the engines fuel/ignition, and Anti-lag capabilities.

All in all. I can't wait to turn the key. over 200HP at the wheels (around 300HP at flywheel), should be interesting in such a light car.

I am going to race the car, track and hillclimbs. As well as being a dayly driven car.

  • Name: Dayna Jury
  • Birthdate: 13/02/77
  • BirthplaceWaitara: New Zealand
  • Occupation installation technician: (car audio/alarms)
  • Goals: To get project going before year 2000
  • Favourite Music: Pearl Jam, stone temple pilots, rage against the machine, pantera
  • Favourite Food: chinese, chicken
  • Favourite Drink: V, Coke
  • First Race not raced yet! (hence project car)l



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Ford Escort RS & Mexico 1970-1979 Limited Edition

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