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How-To Section: Install a naturally aspirated YB Cosworth in an Escort.


This sounds initially like a real easy job, and it can be. It all depends on what the setup is that you want. Firstly Ill go through the changes required to change to a Webber Carbied YB Cosworth Engine.

First step is to read Part 1 on how to put a 2 litre into an escort. This will tell you what to do to fit a pinto style engine into the escort. Generally that part of the installation will be the same. What you need.....

Firstly a straight (not badly warped) Cosworth head. What you do to it depends on its application, but if you want to do the change as cheap as possible, then just get new cams (non turbo grind to suit your needs). Have these CAREFULLY installed (we had 1 cam break during first installation). This means spending some time pulling down the cams as evenly as possible a bit at a time.

Use a Cosworth style head gasket, not a Pinto one as they are slightly different. See a cossie specialist to get one.

You need to get a new exhaust manifold made, as generally the only standard ones are turbo manifolds, so just get a set of extractors custom made.

Get a twin Webber manifold, these are available, but not from any supplier in Australia that I could find, try Burton or another English parts supplier.

You will need to get some pistons made to bring the comp up to a reasonable level, as the turbo ones are obviously only very low comp. Some companies supply after-market pistons made especially for this purpose, so perhaps look for a set of these. You can use the rest of your pinto bottom end, including rods, crank, block, dizzy, oil pump, sump, water pump, and engine mounts.

The cam belt type is different on the cam wheels of a Cosworth to a pinto, so you need to get a different cam belt (available at Repco dayco make it). You must of course replace the bottom crankshaft pulley and the auxiliary drive gear to suit this belt type these pulleys are available as genuine ford parts (with modified camshafts, it would be worth getting vernier cam wheels also). You will of course need the cossie belt tensioner also, but this is also available as a genuine ford part still.

Ensure there is enough piston to valve clearance when you assemble the engine. You may need to alter the thermostat housing on the Cossie head to suit your radiator, as we turned our one to exit to the drivers side instead of the standard passengers side. Try to get one of these housings with the head as they can be hard to get and can be expensive afterwards.

Also ensure that you get with the head the cam caps, and the front cam bearing, along with the rocker cover, which can cost heaps to get later.

If you with to change from hydraulic lifters to solid lifters, then it is worth getting the bigger long dick valves, to keep the length of the shims as small as possible. Get the shims custom made to suit these valves. Take the standard hydraulic buckets and machine the centres out of them, then use these as the solid buckets. If this all seems too expensive as it can be, just leave the hydraulic ones in.

The fuel system for Webber's needs little if any change from a pinto, just use an electric fuel pump would be my suggestion.

The standard gearbox will be fine depending on what you do to the engine, and how much power it puts out. Fitting wise, it mounts up the same as any Pinto, so gearbox/clutch/flywheel can remain the same. I would suggest that at a minimum you get the flywheel dowelled in an attempt to stop the bolts breaking, and use a stronger clutch.

-Jamie Augustine

(C) 1999




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